Code Blue: An Introduction to Programming for Doctors

Josh Case
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If you're a doctor, medical student or healthcare worker and have always wanted to learn to code but never knew where to start - this book is for you.

I'm a doctor and self-taught software developer from Australia. Over the last 8 years, I have:

- Built websites and web apps for businesses, not-for-profits and myself

- Launched 10+ mobile apps on both iOS and Android

- Completed tens of thousands of dollars worth of freelance software development work

- Spent several days in the top 10 of Australia's AppStore charts, notching up hundreds of thousands of downloads (several places above Facebook)

- Built mobile clinical decision aids currently in use in some of Australia's largest tertiary hospitals

- Automated workflows for businesses in the construction and project management sector

Using 6 real-world web development projects as a framework, this book will teach you a language-agnostic approachto programming that will get you well on your way to:

1. Building robust websites from scratch

2. Crafting web apps to launch as a Software as a Service (SaaS)

3. Supercharging your research

4. Automating the boring stuff (like paperwork)

5. Launching your own tech startup

6. Earning extra income

and much, much more.

Whether your end goal is to become an expert programmer or merely dip your toes in to understand what's possible with tech skills, this book was intended for you. My goal is to take you from to

You can expect to learn:

- How to write robust and scalable websites using and

- How to craft web applications using one of the most prevalent programming languages of the web:

- How to share projects with other developers through  and

- How to setup and install the webserver application

How to deploy your projects onto the web

- How to think about and diagnose software problems like a pro

What are people saying about Code Blue?

- Dr Tom Shiels, Medical doctor, Melbourne, Australia

- Dr Ryan Kerstein, Plastic surgeon and technology editor for the Royal College of Surgeons, Oxford, UK

- Dr Grace Hatton, PGY4 Medical doctor, London, UK

Mate I’m tearing through your book on every off day that I have. I'm loving it. It's a high quality piece of work.

- Dr Angus Hayes, PGY1 Medical intern, Gold Coast, Australia

I'm about 70 pages into the book and just want to say it is fantastic. Teaching something interactive, let alone doing it via written text, is not easy. You are skilled at pacing, dosing, and reiterating the information in this book in a natural, pitch perfect way. I am so eager to keep going. Bravo.

- Ms Maggie Kennedy, USA

I love the way you wrote [Code Blue], it's not jargon heavy and it reads like a conversation.

- Dr Vishav Gill, PGY1 Medical intern, Brisbane, Australia

Code Blue does a very nice job of introducing the fundamental concepts of: functions, arguments, variables and arrays in a very understandable way. It also applies them very quickly so you can see what's possible on a very basic level. It allows you to easily grasp programming concepts enabling you to apply them in any language.

- Dr Ross Gillespie, PGY1, Aberdeen, Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book good for a beginner dipping their toes into programming?

Yes! In fact, it's intended for you. I will take you from first principles through to a stage where you can plan, build and deploy your own web applications.

Do I need a medical degree to understand this book?

Absolutely not. It's themed around problems medical professionals might face, but the programming material is intended to be suitable for people of all backgrounds to follow.

I'm a doctor. Why on earth should I try to learn to code?

There are many reasons to learn to code, including:

1. The fact that doctors have great potential to be programmers (because one of the core skills of a good programmer is in fact diagnostic reasoning)

2. To increase employability and broaden career horizons

3. To exponentially increase your earning potential

4. To build innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes

5. To become irreplaceable in the world of AI

and many more reasons as discussed in my blog.

I'm quite busy - how will I find the time to learn to code?

I've spent 8 years teaching myself to code in the early hours of the morning and the late hours of the night. In this book I have compiled what I think is the most direct and efficient method to learn to code. I've made the time-wasting mistakes so you don't have to.

I want to build mobile apps, apply artificial intelligence or use another programming language other than PHP. Why should I use your book?

Regardless of what your goals are, I think that 1) everyone learning to code should understand the basics of the web and 2) the language you choose to learn in does not matter, as long as you adopt a language agnostic approach to learning. While this book is based on PHP - probably the world's most common web programming language - it focuses on  rather than PHP specifics. This will enable you to take the knowledge from this course and apply it to any other language or framework and hit the ground running.

What's the refund policy?

If what you see is not what you expected, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

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You'll get a PDF ebook and access to all the project examples:

Project 1: Pneumonia Antibiotics Decision Aid
Project 2: AnaestheticsWiki
Project 3: Gentamicin Dose Calculator
Project 4: Admission Note Generator
Project 5: Xray Request Automator
Project 6: Ward Round Automator
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Code Blue: An Introduction to Programming for Doctors

8 ratings
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